Respiratory Care

We specialize in Tracheostomy Care, COPD and CHF Rehabilitation.

We support our patients who require respiratory care with a Respiratory Therapist (RT) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We also provide education and therapy that can increase the patient’s quality of life. 

Our ultimate goal is to educate the patient and families to prevent readmissions to the hospital.



  • 2 days of Education on each their Pulmonary Disease by licensed RT

  • Registered Dietician Training on diet, nutrition and healthy eating

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Training

  • Peak Flow Meter Training, including breathing techniques/managing breathlessness

  • Roll of current medication use by RT and importance of daily weighing




  • Physical Therapy – Occupational Therapy – Speech Therapy

  • Restorative Nursing Assistant (RNA) Program

  • Aerosol Therapy

  • Chest Physiotherapy

  • CO2 Monitoring (ETCO2)

  • SPO2 Monitoring (Overnight Oximetry)

Additional Therapies


  • High Flow Airflow System

  • 12 lead Ekg with report

  • Incentive Spirometry

  • Polysomnography Interpretation (PSG) by Board Certified Sleep Physician

  • ABG

  • Flutter Valve Therapy